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Biohacking with Brittany

Aug 27, 2021

I dive into functional medicine and fertility with expert Liadh Fitsgerald, founder of the Fertility Health Clinic and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

We explore common misconceptions about fertility, preconception nutrition and wellness and how to support fertility naturally. We dig into health advice for...

Aug 20, 2021

Today my friend Marissa Grootes and I get into why entrepreneurship is highly glamorized online and especially through social media, and the substantial impacts this can have on our physical and mental health. 

Marissa is the founder, CEO and principal designer of Stil - a female-run company that aims to design...

Aug 6, 2021

Today I dive into emotional eating, food addiction and overeating with expert Tricia Nelson. We talked about how we all fall on the spectrum of emotional eating and food addiction, and how to change these eating habits for the better.

Tricia is an author, speaker and has successfully helped hundreds of people overcome a...