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Biohacking with Brittany

May 26, 2022

Why is wellness different for women? I am joined by Dana Frost, a wellness expert, functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, and Heartmath certified trainer. 

In Dana’s twelve years as a life coach, she has accrued a rare combination of certifications and specialties that she is proud to hold and serve her...

May 19, 2022

Faraaz Jamal, the CEO of Mikra, joins me as we talk about using cutting-edge supplements to increase healthspan.

CELLF, the first product by Mikra, is a novel cellular therapeutic compound that targets consumers who are beginning to notice their biological age is affecting their everyday performance.

We talk about...

May 12, 2022

Alex Tarnava, the founder of Drink HRW, joins me to explain his focus on therapeutic hydrogen water technology. 

Drink HRW’s goal is to ensure that everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen safely and effectively.

We talk about hydrogen water, what it is, its benefits, and how...

May 5, 2022

Do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? How often do you check to see if your thoughts are helpful or not? How do our thoughts affect our life? Today we talk about our inner dialogue with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert.

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert has a simple philosophy for health and life: Be Your Own Guarantee (“BYOG”...