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Biohacking with Brittany

Jan 20, 2022

Today we dive into the skin microbiome and define “skinspan” with Carolina Reis Oliveira of OneSkin.

As a founder of OneSkin, Carolina and her team have developed the first anti-senescence topical product designed to promote skin health from within. Carolina is an alumnus of IndieBio, the world's largest seed biotech accelerator. She moved from Latin America to Silicon Valley four years ago to found OneSkin and has been actively engaged in the longevity ecosystem in the Bay Area.

We talk about:

  • 01:00 - Win a consultation with me!
  • 06:30 - Visit my new Shop page now
  • 09:30 - How Carolina came up with the idea of OneSkin
  • 15:00 - Gap between what we have in the market today and where the science is
  • 16:00 - How we can know our “skinspan”
  • 20:00 - What we can do to help improve your “skinspan”
  • 22:00 - The Think Dirty app
  • 27:00 - Our skin microbiome
  • 31:00 - Reducing stress and having enough sleep for our skin
  • 37:00 - Not overthinking small skin issues


Let’s Connect:


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