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Biohacking with Brittany

Nov 28, 2023

In this episode, we venture into the intricate realm of female hormones with Karen Martel. 

Karen, a Certified Hormone Specialist, transformational nutrition coach, and the host of "The Hormone Solution Podcast," guides us through the complexities of hormonal imbalances and xenoestrogens, shedding light on their significant impact on overall health.

From the challenges of weight loss to the nuances of menopause, we delve into effective healing strategies encompassing diet, exercise, and stress management, offering a comprehensive approach to hormonal health.


We talk about:

  • 10:20 - Hormonal dysfunction in women: age and symptoms
  • 15:00 - Taking a holistic approach to hormonal dysfunction
  • 23:00 - Alcohol’s effects on your body
  • 31:40 - Eliminating xenoestrogens for hormonal balance
  • 35:00 - Importance of estradiol and health problems from DIM usage
  • 44:50 - Understanding perimenopause and menopause
  • 49:20 - Being proactive for a healthier menopause with bioidentical hormones
  • 53:25 - The relationship between belly fat and women's hormones
  • 56:20 - Estrone and estradiol: the role of fat tissue
  • 59:30 - Prioritize nutrient-dense foods, avoid stress



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